Easy adaptation of sound reproduction to individual hearing needs

AuditoryVoIP allows you to adapt the telephone signal to your personal hearing preferences when making calls using an SIP provider. To set your personal hearing preferences, you simply select the most suitable loudness and sound settings for your needs. A hearing test is not necessary. Soft or loud incoming calls are then output with your selected loudness. In addition, the frequency response of every telephone signal is automatically optimized for your hearing preferences. You can also adjust the loudness and sound settings during a call.

Who profits from AuditoryVoIP?

Everyone has their own sound preference and own sensation of loudness. Moreover, about 70 million people in Europe suffer from hearing loss. Of these, fewer than 25 percent use a hearing aid. As a result, people experience communication difficulties – both in their private lives and at work. Calls on a cell phone represent a particular challenge. For AuditoryVoIP, scientists from the Project Group Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology of the Fraunhofer IDMT use adaptive signal processing to allow people with slight to moderate hearing loss to easily follow telephone calls again even without a hearing aid. Note: AuditoryVoIP does not have the functional scope of a hearing aid and is not a medical device.

The “Auditory Valley” research and development network

Fraunhofer IDMT is a partner in the “Auditory Valley” research and development network. More than 250 scientists from the fields of fundamental and applied research are collaborating on hearing-related projects in the “Auditory Valley”. The common goal is “Better hearing for everyone, in any place and any situation!”